UPDATE: The most recent batches of the Ginger and Mint Berry Quas were canned on Wed 12th of June. Order now.
Quas sustainability program with planet

Quas: Where Gut Health Meets Earth's Wealth

At Quas, we're on a mission to harmonise gut health with environmental sustainability. We live in a defining moment where our actions today profoundly impact the future of our planet. If we weren't dedicated to restoring gut health with our probiotic-rich kvass, we'd be on the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Adopting a 'climate-first thinking' approach from the outset, we carefully consider our environmental impact at every stage. This ethos has guided us to minimise our footprint during production, including the source materials and packaging. Now, through our partnership with Shopify's Planet programme, we're tackling the challenge at the distribution stage.

Just like the diverse microbiomes vital for our health, a balanced and thriving planet is essential for our future. At Quas, we believe in caring for our planet as attentively as we care for your gut!

Cans May Be Light, But Our Liquid Packs a Hefty Punch

You know how we're all about that gut-loving, probiotic-packed kvass, right? Well, here's the thing - our delicious liquid is a bit on the heavier side (just like its health benefits!), which means it can leave a footprint heavier than a Yeti's when we deliver it across the UK.

In Edinburgh, we are using delivery using electric cargo bikes (thanks Farrout!). This local initiative not only reduces emissions but also supports our community's green transportation efforts. However, replicating this approach on a national scale is challenging. Now, we've found a way to offset this with some carbon-busting wizardry, using the latest carbon capture technology to be more precise!

What's the Shopify Planet and How Does It Work

Shopify's Planet app is like a superhero sidekick for businesses who want to fight climate change. It's a simple deal: for every order you make with us, a tiny bit of magic (and science) happens. We calculate the carbon footprint of shipping our kvass to you and then contribute towards projects that pull that carbon right out of thin air!

How Quas Contributes to Carbon Offsetting

We're not just offsetting our emissions - we're going full superhero mode! We're supporting cutting-edge technologies that are more futuristic than a sci-fi movie. Imagine capturing carbon from truck tailpipes (thanks, Remora!), or using plant waste to snatch CO2 from the atmosphere (high-five, Charm!). It's not just about being carbon-neutral; it's about being carbon-negative!

Meet Some of Our Earth-Saving Buddies


These folks are literally making minerals eat CO₂ for breakfast. Their direct air capture technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂.

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Remora are turning trucks into carbon-capturing beasts by capturing CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive.

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Charm are turning plants into carbon-hoarding superheroes by capturing CO₂ using plant waste and converting it into a stable, carbon-rich liquid.

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