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Our Story

From Artificial Ingredients to Authentic Health: My Journey with Kvass

Nine years ago, I made the decision to completely stop drinking alcohol. As someone who has always been health conscious, I struggled to find non-alcoholic alternatives that were actually healthy. Most of the options on the market were packed with artificial ingredients and sugars, which didn't align with my values.

During the pandemic, I started experimenting with my favourite childhood drink - kvass, a traditional Slavic drink made from fermented cereals that is known for its health benefits and unique, slightly sour taste.

As I developed my kvass recipes, I started drinking litres of it myself. To my surprise, my exercise-induced asthma symptoms – something I had struggled with for over 20 years – completely disappeared. Today, I cannot remember when I had the asthma symptoms last time.

As I delved deeper into the science behind kvass, I realised that the key benefit of this traditional drink was due to the good bacteria that go through our gut microbiome and help to regulate our immune system. As someone who holds a PhD in Biological Sciences, I used my knowledge of science to create a healthy kvass that could improve the health of people living in the UK.

Quas Drinks was born, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to share the health benefits of kvass with others.

— Anton Puzorjov, PhD
Founder of Quas Drinks

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Why kvass? Why now?

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