Ginger Quas (25% more ginger)

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Following your feedback we made this special batch of 90 cans with 25% increased ginger content! If you like ginger, you will love this!

Quas is our take on an all-natural 1000-year-old non-alcoholic beverage, kvass.

We used science to prioritise health and bring back the taste enjoyed by millions throughout centuries.

This can is packed with natural vitamins, minerals, organic acids, and live beneficial bacteria created by a 180-year-old rye Sourdough starter culture. 

- water
- rye, barley (gluten)
- a tiny bit of sugar
- freshly pressed ginger (10 grams per can)
- live starter culture (yeast and bacteria)

Raw, unpasteurised, unfiltered.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Always keep refrigerated between +2 °C and +6 °C. Enjoy cold!