UPDATE: The most recent batches of the Ginger and Mint Berry Quas were canned on Wed 12th of June. Order now.

Edinburgh based Quas Drinks Introduces New Mint Berry Flavour: Pre-Orders Open on June 7th

by Anton Puzorjov Updated on June 19, 2023
a can of Mint Berry Quas

[Press Release, Edinburgh, June 2023]

Quas Drinks is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest flavour sensation, Mint Berry Quas. Crafted in Edinburgh, Scotland, Quas Drinks is the UK's first producer of genuine kvass - a non-alcoholic fermented beverage made from a rich sourdough starter, rye, and barley.

Mint Berry Quas combines the refreshing taste of mint with the sweet blend of blackberry and raspberry and is set to captivate taste buds, elevating the Quas experience to new heights. Available for pre-order on our website starting June 7th, with orders shipping from June 10th, we invite everyone to experience the refreshing fusion of mint and mixed berries.

We're excited to offer Mint Berry Quas for Summer 2023. After the success of our winter flavour, Spiced Quas, we've worked closely with our loyal customers to create this refreshing new taste. We expect the new flavour to significantly contribute to our projected 600% growth this year. Dr Anton Puzorjov, Founder of Quas Drinks
Quas Drinks aims to help people in the industrialised world to improve their health by restoring the gut microbiome through a concoction of live beneficial bacteria delivered as a delicious, everyday plant-based beverage. Quas products contain over 500 billion live bacteria per serving from over 100 types of bacteria - making it the most concentrated and strain-diverse product in the UK today.

With its health benefits and delicious flavours, Quas Drinks are the perfect drinks for everyone, young and old, seeking a healthy non-alcoholic refreshment in hot weather. We're proud to continue pushing the boundaries of flavour innovation, maintaining the uniqueness of our kvass while introducing new taste experiences.

For businesses interested in becoming suppliers of Quas Drinks, reach out to us at hello@quasdrinks.co.uk. Stay up-to-date with our latest offerings by following Quas Drinks on social media and visiting our website.

About Quas Drinks:
Founded by the University of Edinburgh alumni Dr Anton Puzorjov in 2021, Quas Drinks is a leading innovator in the beverage industry, passionate about gut health, wellness, and flavour exploration. Committed to using only the finest natural ingredients, we craft invigorating unpasteurised beverages that captivate consumers across the UK. With an expected increase in year-on-year sales by 600% in 2023, we look forward to refreshing more taste buds than ever before.

For business inquiries, including becoming a stockist of Quas Drinks products, please contact Dr Anton Puzorjov, Founding Director of Quas Drinks.
Email: hello@quasdrinks.co.uk

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