UPDATE: The most recent batches of the Ginger and Mint Berry Quas were canned on Wed 12th of June. Order now.

Quas Drinks Unveils Spiced Quas: A Winter Delight with Exotic Zanzibar Spices – Available Now!

by Anton Puzorjov Updated on March 23, 2024
a can of spiced Quas in the leaves

[Press Release, Edinburgh, November 2023]

Edinburgh's own Quas Drinks proudly announces the release of its latest creation, Spiced Quas, a winter-exclusive flavour that promises to warm up the chilly season. Known for introducing the UK's first authentic kvass, a non-alcoholic fermented drink crafted from a rich sourdough starter, rye, and barley, Quas Drinks now brings an exotic twist to this traditional beverage.

Spiced Quas, our special limited release for winter 2023-24, is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Christmas. This unique sparkling kvass combines the warmth of the festive season with the tangy zest of freshly peeled orange. Its rich aroma and flavour are enhanced by premium, single-origin spices - cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice - all responsibly sourced from independent farmers in Zanzibar through Edinburgh-based Ujamaa Spice Co. This local collaboration ensures ethical sourcing while supporting direct farmer relationships. The harmonious blend of exotic spices from Ujamaa with vibrant orange zest creates a festive and heartwarming experience with every sip, embodying the spirit of winter in a bottle.

We're excited to launch Spiced Quas as our winter special for 2023-24. After our summer hit, Mint Berry Quas, we wanted to create something that truly embodies the spirit of winter. The blend of exotic Zanzibar spices and the zesty orange peel offers our customers an unforgettable and cozy winter experience."  Dr Anton Puzorjov, Founder of Quas Drinks

Quas Drinks' commitment to improving health through the gut microbiome remains central to our mission. Like all our products, Spiced Quas is packed with over 500 billion live bacteria per serving from over 100 types of bacteria, making it a powerhouse of probiotics and a delicious way to support your health.

Additionally, we are proud to highlight that Spiced Quas is not only a healthful, non-alcoholic beverage but also an exceptional mixer for spirits. Its rich, spiced flavour profile beautifully complements a variety of spirits, offering a novel twist for winter cocktails. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a creative mixed drink, Spiced Quas is set to become a staple in festive celebrations.

Spiced Quas is now available for purchase from Thursday, November 24th, on our official website with next-day free delivery anywhere in the UK. To make this winter special even more enticing, we're offering a 10% discount on Spiced Quas until Monday, November 27th (discount code: FIRSTSPICED23).

Quas Drinks invites local Edinburgh residents and businesses to embrace the winter season with Spiced Quas. For those interested in supplying or featuring Spiced Quas, please contact us at hello@quasdrinks.co.uk. Stay informed about our latest innovations by following Quas Drinks on social media and visiting our website.

About Quas Drinks:
Founded by the University of Edinburgh alumni Dr Anton Puzorjov in 2021, Quas Drinks is a leading innovator in the beverage industry, passionate about gut health, wellness, and flavour exploration. Committed to using only the finest natural ingredients, we craft invigorating unpasteurised beverages that captivate consumers across the UK. With an anticipated 600% increase in year-on-year sales for 2023, we are excited about helping more people introduce delicious, healthy fermented drinks into their diet, bringing a refreshing twist to health-conscious living.

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